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What is real time bidding?

What is Real time bidding?

Real-time bidding ia an auction setting where buying and selling of online ad impressions occur in the time it takes a webpage to load. RTB auctions put the focus on impression-based bidding whereas static auctions tend to group impressions only allowing advertisers to bid on them in package deals.

How does it work?

When a user visits a website, a corresponding bid request is being sent to an ad exchange, which auctions it off to the advertiser willing to pay the highest price for it. The advertiser that bids the highest amount wins the impression and gets its ad served in front of the site user. This same process gets repeated time after time for every ad unit of the website property page. This procedure takes place within 100 milliseconds, including receiving the bid request and serving the ad. Publishers usually use ad exchanges and supply side platform to represent them in an RTB auction and advertisers usually use demand side platforms to help them decide which ad impressions to purchase and how much to bid on them based on a variety of factors, such as demographic data, location information, browser history, etc.

Why is it good for advertisers?

Efficiency. Instead of purchasing bulks of impressions hoping some of it will be suited for their needs they can target the impressions they want and bid on them in real time. Using programmatic exchanges/platforms such as Gamoshi’s platform - Gambid, they can reach out to huge range of inventory and pick up only the relevant impressions.

Why is it good for publishers?

Publishers receive more value for their inventory with RTB as each impression can be bid on by advertisers and precisely the highest bid amount can deliver the impression. In addition With RTB, inventory that was previously deemed non-monetized or not worthy can be utilized by advertisers who bid based on the audience data. In order to get the best result it is recommended to choose a technology or SSP that allows the publisher to filter out unwanted advertisers and control the bid floor. Such features are basic features in Gamoshi’s platform - Gambid.

Gamoshi’s programmatic platform - Gambid

Gamoshi’s platform - Gambid is design from the ground up to support fast, high volume and cost effective programmatic activity. The core of the platform translates all protocols and standards into one language based on ORTB ,open real time bidding protocol (iab rtb protocol). The platform conducts an efficient auction between buyers and sellers optimizing the match between demand and supply. It has an intuitive dashboard for easy management and a real time analytics reports that provide full transparency. Our platform acts as a mediation and orchestration layer between premium advertisers and interested audiences. It allows advertisers to buy fine-grained programmatic and direct traffic and allows publishers to expose their traffic programmatically via RTB to direct Advertisers and high-quality DSP’s. We offer our platform ,Gambid, as a fully managed service and as SaaS solution with a full white label support to the ad tech programmatic market.

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