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Gambid’s new features!

We are happy to announce Gambid’s new features!

ADS.txt management

We have released ADS.txt new features allowing full management of ADS.txt file, records and filters.

  • In Settings screen -> ADS.txt tab:

- ADS.txt records managements by demand partner with an option to download all records as txt file.

- ADS.txt search feature- enabling to search for ADS.txt records or advertisers domains in a specific group of domains.

  • In demand module - for each demand partner in Filters tab - we have added an option to choose relevant ADS.txt records to filter by. Bids from the demand partner will be executed only if the chosen records will be found on the publisher’s ADS.txt file.

Mapping rules:

A new feature in settings screen dedicated for creation of mapping rules for platforms integrations which need customized mapping. In setting screen -> Mapping rules tab.

For example:

  • For server header bidding integrations you can map domains to placements.

  • For S2S In-App integrations you can map bundles to placements.

Analytics module:

New exploration mode for a single domain or bundle.

  • In analytics module - when pressing the domains or app bundle dimensions you can pin a specific domain or bundle from the results list. When pressing the ‘Go’ button all queries by additional filters and dimensions will be for this specific domain/bundle.

We are committed to improving and enhancing Gambid platform and we will be happy to hear your feedback.

The Gamoshi team


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