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For Sellers

Publishers, App Developers, Media Houses, Media Companies, Platforms

  • DELEGATE the complicated work to us. Let our smart algorithms optimize your yield. Let our platform and experts do the heavy lifting for you.

  • AMPLIFY your assets and performance by using our advanced programmatic platform and tools.

  • CONNECT your assets and buyers quickly and easily. We support a diversity of integration types and protocols such as RTB, Header Bidding, Script, SDK etc. for both the buy and the sell sides streaming it all to one efficient RTB auction.

  • OMNICHANNEL we support Native, Banner, Video, and Audio across PC, Phone, Tablet, and CTV.

  • MANAGE pricing and bid floors for your assets to maximize your revenues.

  • CREATE audiences for your buyers and optimize their bidding.

  • DATA  Use our analytics, data management, and enrichment features to get insights on your activities that can help you make better business decisions.

  • PRIVACY & ANTI FRAUD we have full support for privacy compliance frameworks, regulations, and integrations with fraud detection tools such as Human, Pixalate , Protected and so on.


Get a solution fitted to your needs

Our platform is flexible and you can mix and match modules according to your business goals and needs. You can go with the basic level accounts, a full white-label private marketplace, or build your own programmatic solution version with our consultants.

Whatever level of account you choose it can be fully managed or in self-serve mode depending on your preference.


Additional Features


Performance algorithms


Fraud detection and ad quality tools integrations


Advanced pricing features


Data enrichment features


Full support for ADS.txt and sellers JSON 

Join GamoshiX Marketplace

Join GamoshiX mobile in-app marketplace and have access to leading demand sources. Gamoshi Mobile in-app marketplace is connected to 10,000+ apps across verticals.


700MM mobile app MAUs

400MM US mobile app MAUs

72+ countries

Unleash the power of
programmatic advertising

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