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What is header bidding?

What is header bidding?

Header bidding, also known as advance bidding or pre-bidding, is a programmatic technique on the client side wherein publishers offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously before making calls to their ad servers. They allow multiple demand sources to bid on their inventory at the same time and by doing that increase their yield and revenues. It is saving publishers the need to implement an rtb (=real time bidding) protocol on the server side which can be much more complicated for them.

Before RTB auctions and header bidding, publishers have managed their yield by daisy chaining sources in a waterfall structure. Publishers offer impressions in one sales channel, and if buyers don’t bid, they push them down to other, less valuable channels until someone makes a bid. It is highly fractured and inherently inefficient.

The main advantage for publishers from using header bidding is greater yield. Adding just a single header bid source can increase yield by 10 percent. More, by combining their inventory into a single server-side supply, publishers can sell inventory on a per-impression basis, giving them more transparency into how much their impressions are actually worth.

What is the catch?

The biggest issue with header bidding is what it can do to publishers’ page load times. Each SSP tag that a publisher plugs into its page is yet another potential source of added page latency. Also sometimes demand sources that are connected through header bidding to a publisher can open a waterfall on their side which can add more time to the page loading. So there should be a balance between expanding the yield and efficiency of response.

Gamoshi’s offering

Gamoshi’s offering is unique. We are an advanced programmatic platform and at the core of our platform we conduct an RTB auction. When we are connected to publishers through header bidding (or any other integration type) we call all demand sources connected with us simultaneously and perform an RTB auction on the server side, by the publishers preferences. As a response we choose the most optimal bid for the publisher and return a super fast response without creating additional waterfalls. The publisher can be hooked up to a diversity of demand sources with one smart efficient endpoint earning the additional 10% to his yield with no penalty for his site users.

For more info on our solutions contact us at - [email protected].


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