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Gamoshi Unveiling New Tiered Account Levels for Our Cutting-Edge Programmatic Solution

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a game-changing evolution of our Programmatic Private Marketplace solution, pioneering innovation in the ad tech and mar tech landscape. Our commitment to continuously enhancing our customers' experience has led to the introduction of an exciting new tiered account system, designed to cater to a spectrum of usage scenarios and business requirements.

Our SaaS solution is widely recognized for its powerful capabilities in providing programmatic private marketplace solutions, supporting Real-Time Bidding (RTB), Prebid, and direct campaigns across a myriad of media types. We pride ourselves in our adaptive technology that seamlessly handles an array of business scenarios. This versatility has empowered our customers to secure optimal ad placements, enhancing engagement and increasing return on investment.

Our new tiered account system is meticulously designed to match your level of engagement and business needs. Whether you're an SMB navigating the early stages of business growth, or a seasoned enterprise with high-volume demands, we have a plan tailored just for you. Each level comes with its own unique set of features and benefits, giving you more control over your costs and resources.

Basic Level: For App and Site publishers. Ideal for small businesses, the Basic level provides all the basic features you need to jumpstart your programmatic ad campaigns. It is an affordable yet comprehensive solution that allows you to tap into RTB and direct campaign capabilities, perfect for those seeking essential tools to create and manage their own programmatic private marketplace connecting their traffic directly to their buyers.

Pro Level: For media Houses, platforms & networks, designed for medium-sized businesses or those in the growth phase, the Pro level offers more advanced features, including a higher transaction volume. Users will also gain access to exclusive tools and analytics that can guide data-driven decision-making and provide valuable insights into campaign performance.

Enterprise Level: For organizations seeking enterprise-grade features, tailored for larger enterprises and high-demand users, the Enterprise level delivers the full power of our SaaS solution that can be fully white labeled. In addition to superior transaction volumes and priority support, Enterprise users enjoy the benefits of advanced analytics and features, strategic account management, and dedicated resources for maximum performance and scalability.

We believe this new tiered account system will provide you with the flexibility and scalability needed to maximize your return on investment and align with your business objectives.

You can find out more about our new tiered account levels on our Plans and Features page.


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