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Gambid's new features!

We are happy to announce Gambid’s new features!

Partners module:

The partners module has been separated into two separated modules: Supply module and Demand module.

  • Quick filters action icon is now also available in the row level.

  • Supply partners module

    • Support for direct publishers - a new script with an option to choose Ad type (Video/Banner), adjust parameters such as width, height, bid floor (else default values will apply) and add/remove more macros, using Gamoshi’s editor.

Bidder module:

  • Integrations (tab) is now called Connections - differentiating between the different integration types (rtb/tag/js) of a partner and his connections with other partners.

  • Domains tab - support filtering for app bundles - you can now manage also App bundles - blacklists and whitelists.

  • In Connections tab -

    • Device frequency cap is enabled in two levels Connection and Tag (for mobile).

    • Hovering over the partner name - demand or supply will show the integration type of this partner.

    • Pressing the supply partner name when it is a supply group will present the supply group members.

Analytics module:

  • New add/remove columns feature - You can now customize which columns you wish to see/hide in the Analytics module grid.

  • New column available - Connection name (In connection dimension)

  • New Dimensions available - Browser + Impression tag, IVT, Advertiser Domain, App bundle

Settings screen:

  • New traffic quality tab - manage all traffic quality integrations for specific events and triggers.

  • Update Price encryption tab - adding secondary price token for supported companies that need it (For example: OpenX).

Header bidding:

See new instructions for our client header bidding integration (prebid.js) -

We are committed to improving and enhancing Gambid platform and we will be happy to hear your feedback.

The Gamoshi team

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