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Gamoshi Saves 75% on Architecture Spend with Upsolver and AWS

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Gamoshi's technology is evolving organically and growing together with our partners and publishers. We are constantly developing new abilities in an ever-changing market to try and deliver the best results for our advertisers, publishers, and SAAS clients. Whether you are participating in our private in-app marketplace or utilizing our technological framework to build your own programmatic solution, you will be happy to know our dedicated team is constantly working on improving the technological infrastructure for the following advantages:

  • Agility and adaptability to market changes and demands.

  • High-performance output at scale - our mutual business with our clients is growing, making a robust technological framework a must to develop and maintain.

  • Customization for customers with particular needs can be done with relative ease.

To bring our clients and publishers the most value, Gamoshi utilizes cutting-edge solutions to reduce back-end spending on architecture. The agility and speed provided to us by our technology partners like AWS and Upsolver are what allow us to maintain our position at the forefront of the real-time bidding market. Read more in Upsolver's blog on how we managed to achieve this.

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