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New DSP Features Now Available

Gamoshi caters to a variety of clients: publishers, advertisers, agencies, media buyers, marketers, networks, SSPs, and DSPs. Our clients' needs are evolving at a rapid pace, and so do our technological capabilities to help support a growing number of scenarios in a fast-paced programmatic landscape. Our most recent update to the dashboard includes adding and perfecting the following features allowing advertisers to:

  • Keep better track of the status of their ongoing campaigns and creatives.

  • Plan their budget better with optimized pacing options for better allocation of campaign funds.

  • Pulse-check the current state of all the entities in their account with a new Total bar included in each screen.

  • Handle customization requirements by DSPs and SSPs by using smart mapping rules.

We are constantly working on adding new features to the dashboard and making it a solution that fits a very wide array of clients.

Think our solution fits your business needs? Contact us to learn more!


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