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Gamoshi New Advanced Feature - Direct Campaigns in Programmatic Auctions

Direct Campaigns

We are excited to announce an advanced capability in Gamoshi's programmatic advertising solution, tailored specifically for direct advertisers and marketers. The platform's new and sophisticated features enable users to create Direct Campaigns that will run in programmatic auctions, harnessing all the power of programmatic real-time exchange for the benefit of reaching the right audience with their message.

Elevating Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Gamoshi's solution for advertisers brings a new level of sophistication to your strategies, merging the precision of Direct Campaigns with the efficiency of programmatic auctions. This combination offers a potent tool for advertisers and marketers, empowering them to engage their target audience more effectively by building their own private marketplace for their campaigns.

Create Your Own Private Marketplace and Supercharge Your Direct Campaigns with the Power of Programmatic

Direct Campaigns have always been favored by advertisers and marketers for their ability to target specific audiences with customized messages. Programmatic auctions provide a swift, efficient, and scalable method to buy and sell digital advertising, but they often lack the precision and personalization that Direct Campaigns deliver.

Gamoshi's platform bridges this divide, allowing you to create your own private marketplace where you can create direct Campaigns that run in programmatic auctions.

Advanced Targeting and Audience Building

Creating a Direct Campaign for a programmatic auction is streamlined and intuitive with Gamoshi's solution:

  • Upload your personalized creatives

  • Define your target audience

  • Set budget and campaign pacing

  • Get real-time statistics enabling you to improve engagement

  • Make sure your message reaches the right audience by specific targeting, re-targeting, and audience management.

Our sophisticated algorithms ensure your campaign reaches your defined audience in real-time, bidding on your behalf to secure optimal ad spaces at the most competitive prices. This ensures your message reaches the right people at the right time, maximizing your return on investment (ROI) and enhancing audience engagement.

We are eager to see how our clients will utilize Gamoshi's solutions to propel their digital advertising and marketing strategies forward. We remain committed to continuous innovation and look forward to introducing new features to aid advertisers and marketers in getting their messages across.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to transform your digital advertising and marketing strategies with our advanced features.

For more info see our Features and Plans .

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