Gambid is an advanced programmatic infrastructure with collaborative services and solutions packed as one efficient integrated advertising platform.


Gambid's robust and dynamic architecture enables us to provide a diversify suite of products and services and keep this suite up to date with market trends.


Gambid RTB bidder allows advertisers to buy fine-grained programmatic and direct traffic. It provides advertisers transparency and control, helping them reach the most relevant inventory at minimal costs.


How does it work?


Gambid's RTB bidder conducts an efficient RTB auction. It can be connected with multiple supply partners (SSPs, direct publishers, app publishers) and multiple demand partners (DSPs, agencies, advertisers) by using a diversity of standards and protocols. In the core engine of the bidder, everything is being translated into one language based on open RTB protocol. After an optimized match between requests of the supply and responses of the demand, the response is being translated back into receiver protocol and language.


Gambid's RTB bidder is


  • Fast.

  • Smart - making an optimized match between demand and supply.

  • Enabling targeting and filtering.

  • Normalizing the stream of incoming messages, facilitating an efficient RTB auction.

  • Delivering native, banner and video formats across Desktop, Mobile Web and In-App.

  •  Supporting a diversity of protocols and standards like RTB, header bidding, regular tags, VAST/VPAID tags, protobuf, json and custom XML.



Gambid's complete header bidding solution is based on prebid.js and includes server and client header bidding. 

Gambid's header bidding solution allows publishers to enjoy the best of two worlds. A header bidding solution accompanied by an efficient RTB auction, without the need to implement an RTB solution on their servers.


Gambid prebid server header bidding


Internal hosted prebid header bidding server. This solution allows the auction operations to occur outside of the publisher’s site browser, reduces the network latency and increases the number of bidders that can participate in the auction in a timely manner.


Gambid prebid client header bidding wrapper


Gambid's header bidding wrapper can manage multiple demand header bidding adapters and is conducting an efficient auction between the wrapper demand partners and RTB demand partners that are managed by Gambid.

The most effective bid is chosen and a super fast response is sent to the publisher's page without adding to its latency.


Gambid prebid client header bidding adapter

Gambid's header bidding adapter allows publishers to connect to an efficient RTB auction conducted by Gambid



Gambid allows publishers to expose their inventory to multiple demand sources in an efficient RTB auction.


Publishers can connect to Gambid (via the supply module) by a JS script, header bidding or an RTB integration. They can create inventory groups, define preferences like minimum bid floor and exclude unwanted advertisers and creatives.


Gambid helps publishers to amplify monetization without affecting their users' experience and with full transparency of their data.




  We believe in transparency. No black boxes.


Gambid analytics module listens to all relevant events and registers them in our real-time reporting system.

Our customers get full access to all of their data.



Gambid's analytics module empowers more informed business decisions and enables new business opportunities.



Gambid's optimization engine optimizes every bid in the platform by the relevant payment event. 


It is optimizing the match between demand and supply reducing costs and improving ROI.



You can use Gamoshi's video player (Google IMA), upload your own or external providers video player. 

You can choose the relevant player for your inventory per connection between demand and supply.