In-App header bidding - embrace the change

Prebid.js introduced a header bidding solution for mobile app publishers enabling app publishers and developers to increase transparency, have better user experience and streamlined Integration.

Traditionally in order to connect demand partners (buyers) to their app, publishers implement the SDK of the demand or DSP they work with. If they want to move to another demand partner they have to uninstall and repeat the process. This method makes it extremely hard to experiment with new monetization sources, and binds publishers to only a few demand sources. This traditional solution has all the marking of a ‘Market Failure’ mainly due to the fact that it demands inefficient manual management. Integrating with each demand source requires an upload of a new version of the SDK and publishers need to add and remove SDKs constantly in order to get better results. In addition to the need for manual management of demand and inefficient waterfall auction, another problem is that SDKs increases download size and introduce stability risks which could potentially prevents users from downloading the app all together.

The limitations of this traditional approach lead app publishers and the open source community to seek solutions that can help them manage monetization in an efficient cost effective way. The server header bidding initiative for apps was created to solve some of these problems. It is becoming a standard among leading app publishers helping them to free themselves from the restricting SDK method, and move to an advanced programmatic auction which improves control on their assets and provides them with better results and ROI.

Gamoshi's PaaS solution supports this movement and offers app publishers and developers easy usage of the server header bidding solution. We are making it easy for app publishers to connect multiple demand partners into one efficient auction happening on the server with full control and transparency. They can easily connect demand partners and DSPs with no limitations. We are offering a unique full programmatic solution helping app publishers to move the SDK out of their way.

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